First-in-class new drug for cachexia

Numedicus is please to note the report from PsiOxus, on the outcome of a Phase II trial of MT-102, or s-pindolol, in cancer cachexia. David Cavalla is inventor of this technology (see EP2094254B1). MT-102 is a first-in-class product in this difficult indication, demonstrating significant benefit against the primary endpoint, weight loss/gain. In a trial of 87 patients over 16 weeks, involving 2 dose levels plus placebo, patients on the higher dose of active drug actually gained weight relative to the loss of weight suffered in the placebo group. Pharmacologically, MT-102 does three things: oppose excess catabolic drive via beta-1 adrenergic antagonism, increase tissue anabolism via partial beta-1 adrenergic agonism, and antagonise fatigue via 5-HT1A receptors. No other existing compound has this profile, and it previously proved superior to all other tested beta blockers (including racemic pindolol) in preclinical models.