Synergy of new indication with new presentation or new active: opportunities for PDE5 inhibitors

We expected the publication of the article on the synergy of therapeutic indication and choice of presentation or choice of active ingredient to elicit quite a lot of interest, but in the event, the enquiries we have received surpassed our expectations. Visitors to our website will already have seen some of the strategy aspects, without […]

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Do you use your mobile phone as a document scanner?

There are (at least) two camps for drug repurposing, which can be usefully divided into the on-target and the off-target categories.  ‘Off-target’ repurposing may be compared to the multi-facted roles for a mobile phone, wherein the same object has the attributes of a camera and a telephonic device. ‘On-target’ repurposing is akin to the adoption […]

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Nuts-to-soup R&D: does repurposing change the order of R&D studies?

Pharmaceutical R&D does not always start with soup and end with nuts, although by analogy this is the classic route followed by what is now the large multinational sector of the industry. A shortcut version of the full programme is followed by generics companies and specialty pharma, who prefer to delay until the entrée is […]

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Phenotypic screening: a clarion bell for more efficient R&D?

At the Society for Biomolecular Sciences meeting in Lille in April 2009, time was set aside for a symposium on drug repurposing. In addition to Numedicus, there were talks from Didier Leroy for the Medicines for Malaria Venture, and from Chris Lipinski, of Melior Discovery. Melior operate a two-part strategy, to provide screening services for […]

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